Kenny Butterill

Americana Artist, Songwriter & Producer

My Austin Angel

Album: Just a Songwriter
© Kenny Butterill/No Bull Songs. All Rights Reserved.

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My Austin Angel, she could fly,
(A) femme fatale, with no ties to bind.
She made me laugh and want to flirt,
Knew what to say to make it work.

Every year, we’d steal away,
Lose ourselves, then go our ways.
Just good lovin’, for a day,
My Austin Angel, used to like it that way.

She had the touch, knew what to do,
Got me hot and bothered too.
Behind closed doors for half the night,
She’d love me hard, but kept it light.


Well it’s been years since I saw her,
Where she’s now I’m not really sure.
But when I’m in Austin, my mind drifts back,
To the good times that we had.


Song NotesThis song was originally done for the first No One You Know CD but was deemed a bit too politically incorrect. So I re-worked it and changed the title, kept some of the original tracks, put a more acoustic twist on new tracks, and got Billy Don Burns to add some guitar and presto – the “new SxSW same time next year song” as Billy Don says. — Kenny Butterill
Acoustic Guitar: Billy Don Burns
Lead Guitar: Peter Morrison
Drums and Bass: Daoud Shaw
Acoustic Guitar: Joe Weed
Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Kenny Butterill