Kenny Butterill

Americana Artist, Songwriter & Producer

From Kenny Butterill’s “No One You Know” CD

From the CD “No One You Know“, the lyrics and stories behind some of the songs are provided here.


“Balsam Lake”    Windows Media Symbol   Real Audio Symbol Won’t you stop a while, and let me tell you.
’bout a special place, that I go to.
Where nature’s sounds, whistle through the trees
And the waves roll in, pushed by the breeze.

Balsam Lake, where I need to be
Where life is slow, and so serene
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall
Balsam Lake, has it all.

My grandpa found, this magic place,
and though he’s gone, I (can) still see his face.
All my questions, he answers there,
By the water, in the country air.


Been going there, since ’57,
To Balsam Lake, my Grandpa’s heaven
One of these days, gonna stay for good
Make it my home, like he said I should.


Balsam Lake
Balsam Lake  
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The Story Behind the Song
Balsam Lake is a popular cottage country vacation and weekend get away place north of Toronto, Canada.

From the year he was born, Kenny spent many years growing up at his grandfather’s cottage on Balsam Lake. It is a place of happy memories and good vibes.

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