Kenny Butterill

Americana Artist, Songwriter & Producer

Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Album: No One You Know
© Kenny Butterill/No Bull Songs. All Rights Reserved.

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She’s a company man, that’s for sure,
But still a woman working in a man’s world.
So when all her talent shook the status quo,
The old boys’ club said “she had to go”.

Now she’s movin’ on up, and the old guard’s reeling,
Since she broke through the glass ceiling,
Better watch her now, you know what she can do,
Better watch her now, she’s going right past you.

Gutless yes men, with no balls at all,
Cower to the King of Fools from behind their office walls.
They watched the showdown like quiet little mice,
While the fearless fraulein fought for what’s right.


From the ashes, towards the sun,
Like a Phoenix she just rolls on.
She’s lost some battles, but she’s winning the war,
On her way through those executive doors.