Kenny Butterill

Americana Artist, Songwriter & Producer

Felton’s Place
Album: Just a Songwriter
© Kenny Butterill/No Bull Songs. All Rights Reserved.

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He had this beach house, it was heaven for a hog
Sometimes he’d see an ocean of dreams, sometimes just fog.
And perched on his cliff with a beer you can bet
He’d send out great FAT Music, set after set.

(Now) there’s no one at the cliff,
not even his old hound.
They used to hide out ’round here,
for many years.
for many years.

If you knew the Lily Way shuffle you knew your way,
It was home to the best parties ’round Monterey Bay,
Midnight oil burning till the day was dawn,
Then back out to the cliff when everyone’s gone.


When the sun set on Felton’s Place,
One last time feel the ocean on your face.
One last beer, a toast to good times,
And new beginnings, memories not left behind.





Song NotesLearning his craft from Dallas Dobro and some of the other great radio pioneers at KFAT and KPIG, Felton Pruitt was one of the early radio broadcasting participants of Americana music. This song is about where he lived the FAT Music life for over 12 years (with his dog “Bounder”) – at a rustic rural beach house on a 2 acre bluff overlooking the Pacific ocean in Northern California. Twice a year, for many years, while Felton was doing his work at the Strawberry Music Festival, I was the designated house/dog sitter for a week at a time. I did a lot of songwriting there and the players I got to play with on this song had all been to Felton’s Place at one time or another. My good friend Bill Laymon (bass) actually did the Felton’s Place house sitting gig at one point and Norton Buffalo who has played harp at the cliff’ at Felton’s Place turned in some of his best work ever on this song! Other friends Jim Lewin (guitar) and Jim Norris (drums) provided flawless performances. Of course Larry Hosford’s cameo appearance with a harmony vocal was icing on the cake. It was fun to put this together and a real surprise for Felton, one of the folks who encouraged me to put my music out back in the beginning. –– Kenny Butterill
Harmonica: Norton Buffalo
Drums: Jim Norris
Bass: Bill Laymon
Acoustic and Electric Lead Guitar: Jim Lewin
Harmony Vocal: Larry Hosford
Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Kenny Butterill