Kenny Butterill

Americana Artist, Songwriter & Producer

From Kenny Butterill’s “No One You Know” CD

From the CD “No One You Know“, the lyrics and stories behind some of the songs are provided here.

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I was cruising, doing eighty-five,
Hummin on a number, feeling fine.
And there she was, wanting a ride,
Stopped the car, she got inside,
And she said …

Chorus A:
How far will you take me?
How far can we go?
How far can we go?

Said she was from, down Southern way,
Man what a looker, is all I can say.
And she sure knew all the right moves,
She sure knew how, to get me in the mood.
And I said ….

Chorus A

We drove down, by the sea,
Walked for miles, up the beach.
Put down the blanket, it was meant to be,
Riding our way, to ecstasy.
And she said …

Chorus B:
Oh boy did you take me,
Oh, how far can we go?
Oh, how far can we go?

The Story Behind the Song
Driving from Canada down the eastern seaboard of the USA to Florida in a beat-up Fiat Spyder convertible car.

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