Kenny Butterill

Americana Artist, Songwriter & Producer

Kenny Butterill’s
“Just A Songwriter” CD

I’d like to say thanks very much to all the musicians, studio pros, colleagues, advisors, friends and everyone else who contributed to this album. Thanks also to all the folks who pushed me to do this music thang in the first place. And thanks to all the radio and press folks around the world for making me feel so welcomed and most of all thanks to the listeners for supporting both my music and the stations and programs that play my songs.

We hope you enjoy our latest “Just A Songwriter” album —

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Track List


1. Just a Songwriter (3:20)
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2. Austin Angel (3:17)
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3. Canadian Road Trip (2:38)
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4. The Email Song (3:15)
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5. Gotta Find a Woman (3:33)
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6. Felton’s Place (4:22)

7. Are You Surprised? (3:40)

  8. Making Love in L.A. (3:22) 9. Joanne (3:25)10. A Couple of Lines (4:33)11. If We Were Alone (4:01)

12. Vegetarian Dead Cow Blues (2:47)

13. Is There More? (4:01)

14. Townes You Left Behind (3:54)

Bonus Tracks: Extended Versions

15. Just A Songwriter (4:48)
16. Are You Surprised? (4:37)

Total Playing Time: 59:46


Executive Producer: James Crandell

Produced by: Kenny Butterill

All songs written by: Kenny Butterill

All songs © (P) 2003-2001 by Kenny Butterill (SOCAN/BMI)

Recorded at Highland Studios, Los Gatos, California (except where noted)

Mixing: Joe Weed and Kenny Butterill (except where noted)

Engineer: Joe Weed (except where noted)

Studio Musicians:

  Willie P Bennett
Ray Bonneville
Norton Buffalo
Billy Don Burns
Kenny Butterill
Leroy Hoornbeck
Larry Hosford
Doug Hutchison
Bill Laymon
  Jim Lewin
Mary McCaslin
Peter Morrison
Jim Norris
Steve Palazzo
John Lee Sanders
Daoud Shaw
Joe Weed

Studio Engineers

Main Recording Engineer: Joe Weed Other Recording Engineers
Steve Glaze, Cliff Goldmacher, Doug Hutchison, David Nielsen, Daoud Shaw

Manufactured and printed by: Final Mix Studios and Image Media

Photo Credits: Tim Alldridge, Creative Images Photography

Cover Painting: John Lee Sanders

Graphic Design: Jon Robertson, 1-800-ProColor, Inc.

Artist Representation: Fred Boenig, Americana Media Productions

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