Kenny Butterill

Americana Artist, Songwriter & Producer

The Email Song
Album: Just a Songwriter
© Kenny Butterill/No Bull Songs. All Rights Reserved.

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I got your email yesterday,
So you and Mr. Right have parted ways.
Glad to know you’ll be just fine,
And your kind words took me back in time.
Since I got your news I did some thinking,
And read your old letters line by line.
While gazing at your faded photo,
Your long ago words took me back in time.
To a time when you said you loved me,
And I remember how that makes me feel.
Twenty years ago that’s a long time,
But right now it seems so surreal.

What’s your new life gonna look like?
Is there a picture where you are mine?
One where you and I are one,
Deep in love ’till the end of time.

A time when I’ll hear you say you love me,
And I remember how that makes me feel.
Twenty years later and here we are babe,
Maybe this time it’s for real.
Maybe this time it’s for real.

Song NotesWith the advent of the internet, many old friends are being reacquainted, sometimes with a surprising email from someone special from the past. That’s what this song is about. Amazing lead acoustic guitar here from Steve Palazzo and some great acoustic and electric guitar work from Joe Weed. — Kenny Butterill
Acoustic Guitar: Steve Palazzo
Mandolin: Willie P Bennett
Acoustic & Electric Guitar: Joe Weed
Percussion: NOYK
Bass: Leroy Hoornbeck
Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Kenny Butterill