Kenny Butterill

Americana Artist, Songwriter & Producer

Where’s the Bride?
Album: No One You Know
© Kenny Butterill/No Bull Songs. All Rights Reserved.

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We’d planned this day ’bout a half a year
The guests were all seated, our future was clear.
So you can imagine my shock and surprise,
Being left at the altar, no sign of the bride.

Chorus A:
Where’s the bride? I just don’t know?
The one who’s got my heart and soul ?
The one I can’t stop thinking of ?
The one who is my one true love,
My one true love.

I tried to reach her out of hope and fear,
But the sound of cold feet rang in my ear.
So I decided on a honeymoon for one,
Dropping out in the tropics, just gonna bake in the sun.

Chorus A

Honeymoon just for one, not what I had planned,
I just seem to want her more here in this tropical land.
So you can imagine my joy and surprise,
She’s in the dress at the door, here comes the bride!

Chorus B:
Here’s the bride I really know,
The one who’s got my heart and soul.
The one I’ll never stop thinking of,
The one who is my one true love.
My one true love.