Kenny Butterill

Americana Artist, Songwriter & Producer

Good Ol’ Thumper
Album: No One You Know
© Kenny Butterill/No Bull Songs. All Rights Reserved.

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Since my days as a boy
My old dog brought me joy.
She was my Lassie, my Rin Tin Tin,
My Old Yeller, my Benji friend.

Good Ol’ Thumper keeps the beat
“Cause in my mind, she’s still with me.
Always there through the ups and downs
Such a trouper, my hoser hound.

She grew with me, I grew with her
Made some memories, that’s for sure.
I can see her now, how she loved to play,
and romp and run in her glory days.


Late last summer she got real sick,
Her time had come, (there were) no more tricks.
Had to put her, put her down,
Nothing harder I have found.


On the mantle rests her remains,
In a little box that bears her name.
Reminding me that she’s still around,
At least in spirit, and in my sound.