Kenny Butterill

Americana Artist, Songwriter & Producer

AFIM “Get Your Kicks” Americana Sampler CD

AFIM Kenny Butterill’s tune “Balsam Lake” appeared on the Association of Independent Music (AFIM) “Get Your Kicks” Americana sampler that was released in 2000. The CD was a project of the AFIM’s “Americana” Music SIG (Special Interest Group).

Besides Butterill, the CD features 20 legendary and new ‘up and coming’ including Doc Watson, Jerry Reed, Trout Fishing in America, Mary Gauthier, Larry Cordle, David Nelson Band, Dan Tyminski, and several others.

If you want more information on this project, send an email to [email protected].

Track List


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  • Candace Asher – That Old Car 4:05
  • Kenny Butterill – Balsam Lake 3:48 Windows Media Symbol   Real Audio Symbol
  • Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time –
    Murder On Music Row   4:18
  • David Nelson Band – Fable Of A Chosen One   5:18
  • Tom Dryer – “Let It” Roll Over And Die   3:42
  • The Floating Men – Lemon Pie   2:20
  • Mary Gauthier – I Drink   3:44
  • David Holt – I’ve Got You   2:28
  • David Holt with Doc Watson – Wreck Of The Old ’97   2:10
  • Papa John Kolstead with Mike Turk – Born in the Desert   4:01
  • Dan Tyminski – My Sally   3:21
  • Ken Overcast – Ride Cowboy Ride   4:48
  • Jason Parchert – Whistle Blow   3:58
  • Todd Rash – Gust Of Wind   3:30
  • Jerry Reed – Pickin’   4:44
  • Derek Swain – In Time   4:16
  • Trout Fishing In America – Old Things   3:27
  • Dan Tyminski – Think About You Every Day   2:41
  • Sunny Waters – The Man I’m Made Of   4:17
  • Jeanette Williams – Cherry Blossoms In The Springtime   2:55

Critic Comments appearing on the “Get Your Kicks”

“Mainstream Nashville has always been this great big commercial locomotive that has steered as close to the center of the road as possible. In some ways, it’s a little more maddening, because there is such an explosion of interesting stuff outside the lines, and the only stuff that gets played is inside. Alt. country is the most intriguing blending of all sorts of different Southern streams: country, bluegrass, roots music, rock & roll, blues. It’s an amazing mix of stuff. I’m a complete fan of the format.”
Peter Applebome, New York Times
Author, “Dixie Rising: How the South Is Shaping American Values, Politics and Culture

” ….the future of our industry lies in the hands of its alt. country practitioners.”
Robert K. Oermann, Music Row, March 3, 2000