Kenny Butterill

Americana Artist, Songwriter & Producer

Gotta Find a Woman
Album: Just a Songwriter
© Kenny Butterill/No Bull Songs. All Rights Reserved.

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Gotta find a woman, who’s into the blues,
Gotta find a woman, who plays ’em good too.
Gotta find a woman, who loves me true,
Gotta find a woman, do you know who?

It was so sad, the woman I had,
Broke my heart, now we’re apart.
Left me here to drown in my tears.
Without a good-bye, I just want to die.


‘Twas great when she’d say, “hey boy won’t you play,
some of your tunes, by the light of the moon”.
(Then) she’d play along, and knew all my songs,
(But) since she’s been gone, it’s hard to carry on.


Well I’m so down with the here and now,
(and) it’s a lonely town, with no woman around.
Guess I’ll hit the road, all alone
Try to find, some peace of mind.


Song NotesA song about a universal blues topic that I originally wrote in the 1980s and recorded in the 1990s (but never released). We dusted it off and changed it around to give the song a bit of a gospel feel, built around some super acoustic guitar slide work from Peter Morrison. The choir here is actually one person – the amazing John Lee Sanders – doing four-part harmony, hence, the John Lee Sanders 4.1 choir. The multi-talented John was also the one who helped create the stunning Just A Songwriter CD cover image for me. — Kenny Butterill

Harmony Vocals: The John Lee Sanders 4.1 Choir
Acoustic Guitar: Joe Weed
Drums and Bass: Daoud Shaw
Lead Guitar: Peter Morrison
Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals: Kenny Butterill