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Click here for a listing of the current tunes available in the No Bull Songs catalog with brief descriptions (style/theme) for each and links to lyrics and more information; in addition, music professionals may listen to any song at hi-fi stereo (requires DSL, cable or other high-speed access) or, for 56k modem users, lower-fi mono.


Whether you’re looking for chart-proven hit songs or terrific production music, your search may be over!

Here, for your review, you will find a sample of Kenny Butterill’s catalogue of “smooth, authentic, Rootsy, Bluesy, Folksy, Alt-Country, Americana” material with its proven chart success and cross genre accessibility.

Kenny Butterill’s music has charted globally in each of the last five years (including two #1 Hits) and is known for strong hooks and sustainable listener appeal.

Butterill has received many accolades including, most recently, “Best Alt-Country/Americana CD” by True West Magazine in its 50th Year Anniversary Round Up of the “Best of the West”. We encourage you to visit the Reviews and “The News” sections of this website for confirmation of the appeal and accessibility of Butterill’s music.

For Record Producers, Music Publishers, Bands and Artists:

publishersposterKenny Butterill’s catalogue includes radio friendly tunes that are a perfect match for record producers, publishers, bands and artists looking for chart proven material that can help them be successful in the Americana, Roots, Folk/Blues and Alt-Country markets.

Several catalogue titles work well at Country radio too – in fact, during 2002, Butterill had one of his Americana/Roots format songs crossover and become a #1 Country hit in Europe – the first such #1 crossover hit at Country radio in Europe in almost two years! Then, he scored another #1 hit again and in the process set an all-time European Country Chart record!

We are open to reasonable ‘on-hold’ requests and to discussion of modest lyric modifications to accommodate your specific situation needs.


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For Film/TV Music, Documentary, Ad Agency and Multimedia Project Directors:

The No Bull Songs Kenny Butterill catalogue is eminently suitable for those important situations where you either need “cool music that feels good” out front or something that is just the right fit in the background. Think “soothing, melodic, alt-country/roots music that conjures up lots of easily identifiable imagery and feelings“.

Song themes include driving and the open road, love, love lost, unrequited love, relationships, some politics, some eastern philosophy, and reminiscing about life and the journey.

Richly textured but never overproduced, Butterill’s repertoire has the warm ambience of an intimate setting with an up-close, personal vibe. Many of the mastered songs in the No Bull Songs catalogue are also available in mastered instrumental format.

The No Bull Songs Kenny Butterill Catalogue (including mastered instrumentals) is available for immediate licensing as:
‘Needle-drop’ (per use fee),
‘Blanket license’ (per term), or,
‘Lifetime license buy-out’ (one time charge for unlimited use for life).

Aside from flexible pricing that fits your budget, No Bull Songs delivers fast turnaround service. All of Kenny Butterill’s catalogue is pre-cleared – so there’s ‘No Bull’ getting the deal done!

At your request, we can usually issue sync and/or master licenses within a few days (versus one to two months that it often takes to clear songs with others).


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