Kenny Butterill

Americana Artist, Songwriter & Producer

Our Liberty
Album: No One You Know
© Kenny Butterill/No Bull Songs. All Rights Reserved.

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Have you looked at what’s going on,
(Our) freedom’s fading, some rights are gone,
Have you looked, have you seen,
Something’s happened to our liberty.
Wrapped in the flag, Big Brother rules,
Lies are told, the Press is fooled,
Wrapped in the flag, strange to see,
Protecting their view of our liberty.
Political justice is organized crime,
Bill of Rights, lost in time,
Political justice, can’t you see,
Redefining our liberty.
Police state, search and seize,
And Uncle Sam says, Empty your pockets please.
Police state soon will be,
Taking away our liberty.

The Founding fathers did agree,
Our people’s rights are supreme,
The Founding Fathers seems to me,
Would say we’re losing our liberty.

What to do, who to trust,
To keep our freedom from being dust,
What to do, seems clear to me,
Need to take back our liberty.